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It was a dire looking Sunday
When the sun’s not so bright.
Looking far into the silent,
Town all empty in sight.

A cup of lovely joe on one hand,
A delightful stick of vice,
Took a sip of life’s elixir,
And a puff of death’s wife.

The pleasuring sound of silence,
Boils the blood within my veins.
The stench of rocks and trees,
Unlock the thought of me being free.

Mother nature sings it’s song out loud,
To those who needs to hear.
The sweet seducing sound of love,
Free from pain, loss and fear.

I cannot seem to ever comprehend,
The will of man deep inside,
Getting lost into the sea and sand,
Of hate and love collide.

How thankful I could be to the One above,
For a day of peace, solitude and love.

Bread and Wine

To whom shall I give my thanks to?
For both bread and wine.
To you I shall give my thanks to.
For both bread and wine.

To whom shall I offer my heart to?
For both bread and wine.
To you I shall offer my heart to.
For both bread and wine.

To whom shall I lay this life on?
For both bread and wine.
To you I shall lay this life on.
For both bread and wine.


A royal bloodline of sinners sink deep within the rotten part of the soul,

Filthy, disgusting sound of strings from a massacre musical.

Voices screaming extremely loud from end to end, border to border,

A creature is born, could it be death? Gargantuan?; a horrid monster.

The mind delivers artistic paintings of vulgarity,

Pictures so subliminal, not for divine eyes to see.

These are just mere games of the human way of life,

An unsolved puzzle, such deceitful faces of our lifeless, imaginary wife.

Sinners play their sins like songs being played at a blank background,

Pause, play, rewind , forwarding life like a collection of hellish sound.

Demons dance their way to seek, kill and destroy the lives of innocence,

An idle mind? A devil’s playground indeed to poison their conscience.

To hell with the devil, chant the declaration of his ancient defeat,

” Burn like the boils on your demonic, disgusting , hardened face of concrete.

You were cast into the earth for humans to trample on you oh weak, prideful deceiver,

Swallow the flames of defeat; maggot, just die and die eternal damnator. “


Amazing, it is. Really. To capture a picture beyond all pictures,

The formula of love that rhymes right within it’s mixture.

Countless I’d say to comment upon such a lovely name,

To capture the love that hides and burns bright within it’s flame.

The constellations combine to create her from scratch,

Wondrous wonders far from attached.

My imaginations drove me crazier than the animals alive,

Making me a savage to steal her heart I strive.

The world will pause to watch her walk on land,

An amazing creature, an opposite gender of man.

It is amazing to watch her waltz her way down to earth,

For it is a sight I will forever treasure, more than money that’s worth.

Describing some one you love is not at all wrong,

It’s the lyrics you will capture from her to create a song.

I’d describe her more than anyone you know,

Because it is through her, my heart will grow.

Losing her for someone else would leave me a calamity,

A disastrous, want for her would take me all eternity.

But, I’d claim to fall upon mercy hands,

Being provided the need of hope and love that’s planned.

I feel no shame to claim that she’s┬áso perfect,

For she is a mere human being to God’s love she reflect.

Show her loyalty and honor to prove that you are worthy,

To love her more than what this world will provide you see.

” This is my statement to You, I write,

A message that will haunt You at night.

It is not a matter of love so big far from small,

For I Will Pray To Honor You Once And For All! “a